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 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.

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Prospero World has conducted intensive research to identify and shortlist exceptional entities responding to the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East. We have visited two Refugee camps in North Western Greece and work that is being done in support of refugees in Athens. Please visit our blog to find out more

We have achieved our first aim is to raise £1,000 to provide 620 child refugees living in refugee camps in Greece, with the equipment they need to go to school in September.

We have also made a grant of £4,000 secured through crowdfunding, to the Bodossaki Foundation in Greece to support their work setting up a shelter for unaccompanied refugee minors in Kypseli, Athens. This includes the provision of legal assistance and psychosocial support.

But much more is needed

The aims of the Fund are:

  1. To gather donations in a tax efficient manner to support outstanding interventions responding to the refugee issue. Recipient organisations have been identified as being exceptional in their fields, responsive in a rapidly changing situation, effective in their delivery of support and transparent in how they conduct their work. 
  2. To convene organisations and specialists working on issues relating to refugees; to promote collaboration, discussion and the identification of tangible, long-term solutions, as well as provide emergency responses where required.
  3. To educate the public via events and information sharing, including through research reports, field-visits, blogs and our Social Media campaign #SocialChangeforSocialGood. Prospero World will visit Refugee Camps in Northern Greece in July 2016 and will publically document the visit.

The initial organisations to be supported by The Prospero World Refugee Fund will be Calaid in the UK and The Bodossaki Foundation in Greece:

CalAid began in August 20015 with a small group of friends filling a couple of vans with warm clothing. Within six months CalAid had shipped 200 tonnes of aid, valued at £5m, to over 50,000 people across Europe and Syria. They achieved this by implementing a systematic process: receive donations from the British public, sort and pack these goods and transport them to distribution partners in camps across Europe and the Middle East.  In the same period CalAid funded infrastructure improvements in the camps, distributed safe solar lighting and provided winter shelters. Their mission is the provision of basic needs to refugees and displaced people.They operate with only one paid member of staff, supported by volunteers.

Since April 2016, CalAid have focused on establishing and nurturing local projects in Greece and Turkey, to meet the complex needs of large numbers of displaced people who lack access to public services and whose future is unclear. In Greece, they launched a teacher and youth-worker training project in 4 camps, which provides equipment and mentoring to local volunteers and residents of the camps so basic, long-term education is available.  They have also opened a warehouse near the Filippiada camp in western Greece, where they can receive and distribute aid and provide fresh food to compliment the rudimentary meals provided by the Greek army.  In Turkey CalAid’s focus is on efforts to provide or encourage emancipatory employment opportunities.  Working with two Turkish NGOs, CalAid is currently creating a farming cooperative programme near Izmir.

The Bodossaki Foundation (Est. 1973) promotes access to health care, opportunity and education; and supports scientific progress and environmental protection. Today, it is one of the largest privately owned public-benefit organisations in Greece.

Nearly one-million refugees and migrants reached Greece in 2015. Amongst them were thousands of unaccompanied children and teenagers, separated from their families during their journey to Europe, or independently fled their homeland in search of a better future. They are vulnerable to smugglers, sex traffickers and other criminal networks.Since the start of 2016, 1,947 unaccompanied children entered Greece: 671 are without shelter: 55% are under the age of 14. The main countries of origin are Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan.

In February 2016, The Bodossaki Foundation launched a Fund to respond to the needs of unaccompanied refugee minors, and in particular to provide guardianship, as well as food, medical and psycho social support. Where possible, their work also includes family reunification. 

Select the amount you wish to give

£10.00  Provide 12 people with cold food packs for 1 week

£20.00  Provide 24 people with basic cold food for 1 week

£50.00  Provide a kitchen for 40 with food for 5 days

£100.00  Provide a baby with hygiene kits for 6 months

£1000.00  Provide 620 children with school equipment

Total donations: £1,660.00

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