BGL Executive Sailing Challenge 2016

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The BGL Group chose to partner with Build It International as its practical, sustainable approach fits perfectly with our strategy to invest in specific, tangible projects that deliver lifetime results. 

Build It International transform communities in Zambia by training local people to build schools and clinics. Their approach leads to high quality, professionally constructed, environmentally friendly and community built projects whilst also giving men and women skills and support to build a career in construction and earn a living. BGL have supported and funded the building of a school in Kabaka and a health clinic in Kapiri. We will continue our relationship with Build It and will encourage education, entrepreneurship and empowerment through our partnership.

CSR plays a large part in BGL’s new purpose, values and strategy. During the next four years we have set targets to impact 100,000 people through our CSR activity, enable 75,000 volunteering hours, and donating £3 million for good causes.

As part of this the Executive Board at BGL hold a bi-annual CSR challenge with this year seeing them sailing on the Solent off Southampton to find the “King of the Sea”. The Executive Board will be joined by 30 members from across BGL and each ‘crew’ will compete to win the title.

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Kal Atwal

Total raised:
£2452.85 (excl Gift Aid)

Matthew Donaldson

Total raised:
£3585.05 (excl Gift Aid)

Paul Galligan

Total raised:
£7081.65 (excl Gift Aid)

Peter's Posse

Total raised:
£1313.73 (excl Gift Aid)

Dominic Platt

Total raised:
£1442.85 (excl Gift Aid)

Chris Shepherd

Total raised:
£2883.55 (excl Gift Aid)

Peter Thompson

Total raised:
£4167.85 (excl Gift Aid)

Stuart Walters

Total raised:
£2870.05 (excl Gift Aid)


Total donations: £175.00

Magdalena Kaminska


£150.00 (+ £37.50 giftaid)

Good luck

Neil Lovatt


£25.00 (+ £6.25 giftaid)

Good luck!


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