Peterborough Cathedral Christmas Appeal

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Peterborough Cathedral Christmas Appeal

As the 900th Anniversary of the Cathedral approaches and the Peterborough 900 Campaign continues on track we must ensure that we can afford to maintain the wide range of activities we offer to our Community.


This Christmas, we are running a Christmas Appeal to raise £50,000 to support the Cathedral's main objectives. These include maintaining our fabulous Cathedral and the surrounding buildings of the Precincts, and sustaining our Music, Mission and Educational offering for all to enjoy.


It is fantastic that we have already raised over 20% of our £50,000 target for the Christmas Appeal. Furthermore It is also a great pleasure to report that a pledge of £20,000 has been made, on the basis that we raise the same amount before the end of 2016 in pound-for-pound matched funding through our own means.


Christmas has long been thought of as a time of increased generosity. I encourage you to consider supporting our Christmas Appeal to ensure that your Cathedral continues to be able to play an active role at the Heart of the Community.


If you are able to help, please pledge your support here. We are passionate about serving our community and hope that you can help us to continue to do so.


Your support is of great importance. Please give as generously as you can.


Thank you!

Select the amount you wish to give

£50.00  Subsidise a smile - help fund the welcomers team

£100.00  Pay for the education of a chorister for one week

£500.00  Support the living costs of a Choral Scholar

£1000.00  Fund the Heritage Learning Assistant for one month

Total donations: £1,430.00

Ian Hardman


£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)

Hope you reach the target.

Sue & John Marsh


£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)

Jimmy James


£100.00 (+ £25.00 giftaid)

Peter Lawson


£100.00 (+ £25.00 giftaid)

Good singing - Peter Lawson

Iris and Juno


£250.00 (+ £62.50 giftaid)

Thank you for all you're doing for the people of Peterborough and beyond

The Abbott Family




£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)

Mark and Joanne Dalrymple-Smith


With thanks and best wishes

Mike Graham


£100.00 (+ £25.00 giftaid)



£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)