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COCO Comrades of Children Overseas
COCO Comrades of Children Overseas
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Plan To Share Limited

Why we need your help

Thank you for choosing to donate to COCO.

COCO (Comrades of Children Overseas) is an international children’s charity, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. COCO works with rural communities in East Africa to provide children with access to the education that is essential for a good start in life.

COCO was founded by Steve Cram CBE and British Army Major Jim Panton in 2000. Since then, the charity has raised over £3.8 million to fund small, sustainable, community led initiatives. COCO and its partners have now undertaken 50 transformational programmes in 16 countries, positively impacting the lives of over 150,000 people. 

COCO is currently operating in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, in East Africa. Despite having just two full-time and two part-time members of staff, the charity has enjoyed considerable success. Graduates from one partner school, Hoja Secondary in Tanzania, have achieved the best results in their region for four consecutive years and the school is now able to cover its own running costs.

COCO is working with 10 other communities to replicate this success. In addition, to enable parents to cover the cost of their children’s education, COCO has distributed 4,500 small loans and reached 13 communities with sustainable agriculture training, helping farmers to increase their annual income by an average of 284%.  

We are very grateful to Plan to Share Limited* for supporting COCO. Any donation you make will be greatly appreciated and will help us provide quality education to more children in rural East Africa.

*Plan to Share Limited will not receive details of individual donations.

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