The Pig Idea

In the UK, thousands of British pig farmers have gone out of business due to the soaring prices of animal feed. Food prices are rising as pigs are fed the same wheat, soy and maize that we humans want to eat. At the same time, thousands of tonnes of surplus food is thrown away each year instead of providing safe, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly food for pigs.

We are encouraging more use of already legally permissible food waste as pig feed – for example, bread, dairy, fruit and vegetables that are unfit for human consumption – by raising awareness and understanding of this option amongst supermarkets, food businesses, Animal Health officials and pig farmers.

The Pig Idea is also campaigning to change European law to allow food waste including catering waste to be diverted for use as pig and chicken feed; and to introduce a robust legal framework for its safe processing and use to prevent the outbreak of animal diseases.

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