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Eco Shower in Ladakh

Drukpa Trust is fundraising for 2 Eco Shower buildings to be built as part of the existing Druk Padma Karpo (White Lotus) School in Ladakh. The Eco Shower buildings will provide warm showers, a changing and hand and face wash area for over 350 residential children. We need your help to build these Eco Showers!

Many of the residential children come from remote areas or nomadic families, who would not otherwise be able to receive a good education. A sponsorship scheme is in place to help those unable to afford fees or boarding costs. The school pays particular attention to the education of girls and the residences also house children who were made homeless following the mudslides in 2010.

DWLS School

The environmental principles of the main school design, designed by Arup are reflected in the design of the Eco Shower. The water source is the local underground aquifer, which is pumped by photovoltaic cells to a tank, from which the water is gravity fed. The water will be heated via solar water panels and the building itself is kept warm with thick stone walls, an entrance lobby and a trombe natural solar-heating wall. The trombe wall has an outer timber framed glazed screen, with an inner mud brick wall. This system allows warm air to be trapped in the cavity, and released into the main space through radiation and via opening high level windows set into the mud brick wall. The stone walls are seismically resisting and use locally sourced granite.

Eco Shower Design

Eco Shower Design

The interior of the Eco Shower building is finished with tiles, with separate changing places for each child, and a stone water basin for hand and face washing as well as tooth brushing. Improving the health and hygiene of the children is part of the mission of the school.


The School

The shower buildings will provide the latest addition to the Druk Padma Karpo (White Lotus) School which is located in the Indus Valley, in Northern India.  An environment of extremes, and lying at 3,500 metres above sea level, this is a high-altitude desert landscape where temperatures fall to minus thirty degrees in winter; for about five months of each year the region is cut off from the rest of India by snow.

Location of the Druk White Lotus School

School Location

Each residential courtyard will be provided with an Eco Shower building. The Eco Shower is reliant on the sun, just as the school campus is passively heated by the sun, the electrical power derived from solar radiation and the dry latrine cycle is driven by the sun’s energy. The new shower blocks will release existing washing space in the residences to be converted into dormitories. This will provide room for 64 children.

The challenge has been to create a centre of local culture, education and communication that integrates Ladakh’s unique cultural and architectural heritage with appropriate opportunities to be found in contemporary design. The project not only seeks to minimise its own environmental impact, but also aims to help the local community thrive.

School Kids

Opening of Infants' School in 2001

The school currently caters for 800 pupils from Nursery through to 16 years of age. The campus, with its educational facilities and residential courtyards, was completed up to Secondary School stage in September 2016.

Buildings take maximum advantage of the high altitude and clear skies with active and passive solar energy collection. Classrooms face the morning sun to make the most of natural light and heat. The buildings are heated passively by the sun, either with fully glazed south facing facades or trombe walls.

Solar water heaters provide hot water for showers and clothes washing. A photo-voltaic system provides reliable electrical power to the whole site using an installation of 9 kWp of PV panels.

Spacious learning spaces were created using timbers from Kashmir, granite blocks found on, or adjacent to, the site to form the outer walls, and traditional Ladakhi mud roofs (which provide good protection from the cold).

Two boreholes and solar pumps supply all water requirements. Human waste is treated in ‘VIP’ (Ventilated Improved Pit) dry latrines, and has been taken out of the water cycle.

The materials chosen resonate with the place, and provide surfaces to sit, climb and explore. The external landscape is articulated with low granite walls, steps and seats, planters and willow trees, creating scaled spaces for play and study. The school’s buildings are safe, sustainable and provide an extemporary learning environment to standards previously unavailable in Ladakh.

To find out more about the project and the school, see the links below:

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Every pound or rupee will help! Please give generously and share the link with friends.

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