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Sponsor a Mask

Sponsor a Mask

Why we need your help

Which one are you?

Everyone wears ‘masks’ at some time.  Do you pretend to laugh at your friend’s jokes?  Do you speak differently to your mum, your boss, your partner? 

We use a range of different masks in our performances and workshops and encourage audiences to ask characters to 'lift their mask' and question them about their real thoughts and feelings.

Sponsor A Mask for just £60 a year and be part of changing someone’s life by supporting one of our unique masks as it travels with us, taking part in performances and workshops across the country.

"The masks were incredible. I've never seen anything like it before"

When you Sponsor A Mask you'll enjoy:

  • A warm feeling, knowing that you support incredible projects inside and outside prison
  • A Geese mask badge
  • A thank you on our website and in our Annual Review
  • Regular updates about events, training courses and other Geese news
  • Invitations to special events
  • An annual summary to let you know where your mask has been!

"It’s amazing how much you can see what other people are like – could see people’s different emotions and what masks they were wearing. You know they are putting on masks to protect themselves."

We use a range of different masks in our performances and workshops, working with the notion that everyone wears a mask at some time.  Audiences are invited to ask characters to 'lift their mask', and question them about the thoughts and feelings informing their apparent attitude or behaviour.

"I took away about it was that all the masks we wear – we don’t realise we’re doing it – we’re covering ourselves and protecting ourselves – saying that we’re braver than we are and hiding away. But the masks stuff helped me see my own thoughts and weaknesses…"

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