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8,000 older people in Southampton feel they have no one to turn to


We all face ups and downs and an Age UK survey shows that sadly, thousands of older people in Southampton could be doing so almost entirely alone.

This means they have no one close with whom to share the good times, or to go to for support when life is tough or for trusted advice to help solve a nagging problem. That’s why we’re asking you to donate today so we can continue to give thousands of older people the companionship, support and advice they need. We also hope these findings will spur everyone into being good neighbours to older people living nearby. Truly, no one should have no one in our society and together we can make sure that no one does.

To support Age UK Southampton’s work and help us provide companionship, advice and support for thousands of people facing later life alone please donate to this campaign by clicking below.

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For all the good work you do & to help you continue to do it in caring for the elderly in many ways; enabling them to keep mobile and independant and above all continue to enjoy a good quality of life with the dignity they deserve for as long as possible.

Joan Orme


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In celebration of Anne Francis' 70th birthday

Winson Tan Weng Weng


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Good life :)


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