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Children at Bissell School

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This project, at Bissell, 30 kms northwest of Lusaka, will construct a much needed three classroom block, with an office and strong room.  As part of the construction, 20 young unemployed men and women from the local community will receive training that will lead to a nationally recognised qualification in building.

The project will directly benefit 3,000 children, who will receive a better education thanks to better teaching conditions.  The 20 trainees and their families will have greater economic security. And a further 15,000 community members will indirectly benefit from the project.

The project is scheduled to start in Summer 2017 and will cost £129,080 (excluding sanitation)


Bissell is a poor community; with most families scratching a living from subsistence farming. Occasionally they get day work at nearby commercial farms, but economic opportunities are few. 

The United Church of Zambia supported the community to set up a school in 1994. The school started with 230 pupils. As its reputation has grown enrolment has doubled, putting huge pressure on the existing  classrooms which are becoming increasingly overcrowded.

HIV and Aids is pandemic in Zambia and as a result 40% of pupils at Bissell school have been affected by the disease. Many are orphans and a number of these children head up their households. In 2016 our supporters funded the construction of a kitchen facility. The new kitchen is providing pupils with a nutritious daily meal. This is helping to combat malnutrition and encouraging children who are orphaned, and most likely to drop out of school, to continue to attend their lessons.

This year Build It will help the community build a new three classroom block, with an office and strong room. The new classrooms will provide the extra space needed to accommodate the ever growing number of children attending Bissell. The Ministry of Education has promised a trained teacher and the community is well organised and committed to playing a key part in the project.

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