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North East Skinny Dip is an established and popular annual mass skinny dip that takes place around the autumn equinox on Druridge Bay as the sun rises.  It is about celebrating life and nature and our own, unique, physical bodies. It is about taking a risk and embracing a moment of pure joy and freedom. And most importantly it is about coming together and supporting each other in this crazy thing we call life! 

Since 2012 we have collectively raised over £30,000 to strengthen the work of this incredible charity in the hope that one day we may all walk free of our struggles with mental health!

NESD continues to thrive. 2017 saw more than 400 dippers take to the water! And some say it was the most magical dip yet! Please do support this crazy and delicious event!  And if you feel inspired to join us follow the link to sign up today!!!

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