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Biff's Battle

On the 3rd January 2017, siblings Ella, Lucy and Johnny were delighted to welcome a new baby sister into the world. Elizabeth (or Biff as she is often called) was born on 3rd January 2017, a happy and healthy little girl.

At 4 months of age, she started becoming constipated and a bit unsettled, then one evening, her mother noticed a slight fullness on one side of her tummy.

Three weeks after first developing symptoms, Biff was found to have a large tumour on her kidney. She underwent a 7 hour major surgery to remove the tumour. The histology came back as a malignant rhabdoid tumour with evidence of spread to the lymph nodes.

We had a meeting with the consultant, and she explained the poor prognosis. I felt numb and angry and didn’t really believe what they were saying.”  

Her mother, Kathryn described the next few months as a blur of chemotherapy, inpatient stays, transfusions, procedures and investigations.

A diagnosis of cancer in a child does not just affect the child, it affects the whole family. “We loved Christmas day but could not help feeling emotional and worried knowing it could be Elizabeth’s only Christmas.”

Sadly, Christmas 2017 did turn out to be Elizabeth’s first and only Christmas.  In March 2018, Elizabeth became increasingly unsettled and her tummy more swollen. Her parents took her for assessment and on 20th March, she had an ultrasound.

Kathryn and James - Elizabeth's parents, received the news that no parent ever wants to hear.  Elizabeth’s cancer had relapsed in numerous places. There was no effective treatment available so the plan was to keep her as comfortable as possible.

Elizabeth was cared for and kept comfortable at Little Bridge Hospice in Barnstable. She passed away on 14th April 2018 surrounded by her family. Forever 15 months old and having touched so many hearts.

Her parents have decided to set up a named fund in Elizabeth’s memory to honour her and to help other families.

Kathryn said, “My main aim is to fund research to find effective treatments for other children and to support families, like you have for us."

A wonderful way to honour a beautiful little girl.


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