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BP Fuels UK are delighted to be supporting Dreams Come True! Two teams will be taking part in the Dragon Boat Race on Willen Lake on 23rd June 2018 with an Operations Team boat led by Adam Whitehouse (South East District Manager, Captain) and Jo Hayward (nee Jones, UK Operations Manager, Drummer) and a Head Office boat led by Carl Davidson (Licencing Coordinator, Captain) and Leslie-Anne Allen (Fuels UK Finance Manager, Drummer).

The two children we are raising money for are brother and sister, Hannah, aged 15 and Nathan, aged 11, to send them to Disney World, Florida! They both have severe disabilities and since their dad passed away, Hannah has spent much of her time helping her Mum look after her brother Nathan.


There will be plenty of entertainment on the day for non-racers too! So bring your family and friends to the festival and join us for fun and games at the BP gazebo picnic area. The fun starts from 10am, 23rd June at Willen Lake, Off V10 Brickhill Street, Milton Keynes MK15 0DS

Both the Support Centre and our Store Teams are holding events throughout June to raise as much money as possible for this amazing cause.

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Milton Keynes Dragon Boat Festival

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