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Trojan Women Scotland, Platform Theatre and Terra Incognita are proud to present


A new adaptation of Euripides’ Trojan Women performed by Syrian Refugees

Directed by Victoria Beesley  

Adapted by Mariem Omari, translated by Alaa Saloum and Sanaa Al Froukh Including original writing by the cast

8th & 9th February for two days only 

at Platform Theatre, The Bridge, Easterhouse, Glasgow. 

For the last nine months, the Syria Trojan Women Project, has been running drama workshops with Syrian refugees in Glasgow.

Together we have created a brand new, haunting and uplifting  adaptation of Euripides’ great anti-war tragedy, written and acted by a cast of 18 Syrian refugees living in Glasgow. It was performed in Arabic (with surtitles) and English at the Platform Theatre in Glasgow, on 8thand 9thFebruary 2019.

This extraordinary production is brought to you by the award-winning director Victoria Beesley, of Terra Incognita, and the co-producers of the highly acclaimed Queens of Syria (Young Vic 2016) and Syria: The Trojan Women (NCC Amman, 2013), supported by Glasgow City Council.

The Trojans transcends countries and time, with a cast who have known the horror of war bringing their own experiences of exile and loss into Euripides’ shocking 2,500 year old play; they also tell of the bitter-sweetness of building new lives in Scotland. 

The play is the culmination of nine months of mixed gender drama workshops for Syrian refugees who have been re-located to Glasgow. We have also run a crèche for their children. We provide the refugees with a hot meal each workshop, cooked by a Syrian refugee professional chef, who is also a star member of the cast.

The aim is to build links between Syrians newly arrived in Scotland and local communities; to allow Syrians who have found a haven in Scotland to work through their depression, isolation and trauma. We are also creating a stunning new piece of theatre which will bring home to the audience the reality of what it means to flee war, and arrive in a strange land. 

Our intention is to take this play to the Edinburgh Festival later this year, as well as London and a limited UK tour.

The entire nine month project, is costing £185,000 - including a documentary film, whose shoot is specifically funded by the communication departments of the UNHCR and Oxfam, and Arts and Business Scotland. Films are key to our projects, as they allow the message to be heard far more widely. Our films our now screened all over the world, and are on the syllabus at UCLA.

Our other supporters include Glasgow City Council, Platform Theatre, Brightwell Partners, the Staples Trust, Future Brilliance and the Golden Bottle Trust and other private donors.

We are still short of money for this production and are grateful for any donations. 

Any queries, please feel free to email

To buy tickets go online at

Ticket price £8.50  Concessions £5. Children £4. Syrian refugees free entry. 

Follow us on Instagram: @trojanwomenscotland


The Syria Trojan Women Project (STWP) has been running therapeutic drama and advocacy projects for Syrian refugees since 2013, first in Jordan, and more recently in the UK and Germany.

The point of this project is combined psycho-social support and awareness-raising of the Syrian refugee crisis.  Refugees tend to be lonely, isolated, and are often depressed. They have often also undergone hideously traumatic experiences.  By bringing these people together and allowing them work through their experiences in drama, we hope that the experience will help Syrians making new lives in Scotland. The performance itself will give our Syrian cast a platform to tell their stories to the world.

At its core, Charlotte Eagar, the project’s Founder, says STWP’s work is “about helping refugees work through depression, trauma and loneliness, and also giving them a voice. You have to give them the chance to have an identity: when you lose your home you lose so much, not just a place to live, but family, friends, your peace of mind and your dignity. We help them create a new family for themselves and give them a place to stand.”

Previously we produced the internationally acclaimed Syria: The Trojan Women, in Jordan (2013), which later toured the UK with our original Syrian cast, as Queens of Syria (2016), with the Young Vic and Developing Artists.

Please give generously to support this project.

The link below is for a trailer of Queens of Syria, the multi-award-winning documentary we shot of our first Syria: The Trojan Women production in Jordan.

QUEENS OF SYRIA 3 minute Trailer:

To learn more about our work, visit our website

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