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MapAction is delighted to be working with our friends at ThinkWhere to help save more lives in humanitarian emergencies.

Why MapAction is needed

When a disaster strikes, people’s lives can destroyed within a matter of seconds. Those that survive may well have lost everything – their homes, their livelihoods and all means to provide for their families.

In a landscape transformed by the disaster, the challenge for responders is to know where to start.

How MapAction responds

MapAction (www.mapaction) is a leading humanitarian mapping charity that works through skilled volunteers. Within hours of an alert, teams deploy to the scene of the emergency to map the needs of affected communities.

As an immediate response, MapAction’s volunteers create a shared operational picture of the emergency. This helps to coordinate search-and-rescue efforts and make the delivery of aid as targeted and effective as possible.

As the emergency enters the recovery phase, MapAction’s analysis helps responders understand the changing needs of survivors, who may have been displaced by the crisis.

As a long-term measure MapAction also helps to prepare government authorities, responders and communities for the impact of disasters before they strike.

MapAction doesn't benefit from large public appeals, so every penny raised will make a big difference to our work.

Thank you for your brilliant support!

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£25.00  could cover the print costs for 100 maps of a disaster

£45.00  could pay for anti-malarials for a deployed volunteer


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