In memory of Stuart Kerr

Stuart was a husband, father, grandfather, friend, and mentor to many. No words can describe the immense hole he has left in our lives. However, sharing the happy memories we have and hearing about the impact he has had on others throughout his life brings us huge comfort. He was first and foremost a loving and caring husband and an incredible father, who loved us unconditionally. We know his legacy will live on and are incredibly proud of all of his achievements which extend to his latest accomplishments in mentoring others, instilling the values we always admired in him. The kind words from friends and colleagues, saying “great man, even greater loss” summarises not only the loss we have suffered within our family but also in the lives he has touched throughout his career. He was often described as someone who was larger than life and wasn’t afraid to upset the status quo or fight for what he believed in. He was a hard task master but very well respected and admired for his strength and integrity.

Stuart had a passion for old cars, motorbikes, sailing, and coming from South Africa, a real love and appreciation of preserving nature and its wildlife. As such, he was incredibly excited about joining the Wilderness Foundation and being part of their admirable work.

In honour of his memory and to provide an opportunity for others to pay their respects, please feel free to make a donation to the Wilderness Foundation. You are also welcome to leave a comment or include a memory of Stuart.

From Wilderness Foundation UK

'Stuart served on the board of the Wilderness Foundation, becoming a very active chairman over the last few years. He helped us through a transitional time in which a small team, with little financial resource, had a mission to protect nature and improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable in our communities. He was totally on side and passionate about the need to protect our last wild spaces and biodiversity in the world, and his own experience as a 15 year old boy had demonstrated that wilderness trails and experience of wilderness is transformative. In addition, he developed empathy and insight into the difficult lives of many of our young clients and often expressed disbelief in the issues they faced in their young lives.

His first love however was wilderness trails.  In our first meeting he could still remember, in great detail, the discussions his group had with guides and the message of the need to protect the rhino and other endangered, magnificent animals in a rapidly growing human dominated world. He was therefore over the moon when Eton College came on board and his often expressed his dream that a future Prime Minister would have been on a wilderness trail.

Stuart was bold, frank, utterly reliable and caring. We already miss his presence and support and his boots here will take time to fill. His legacy of coffee and cake on a Friday afternoon to bring the team together will be reinstated in his honour.

Our deepest sympathy and thoughts are with Stuart’s family and friends.’ Jo Roberts, CEO

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