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A devastating tsunami with waves up to six metres high has been triggered by a powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Over 1,200 people have reportedly been killed and sadly, the death toll is likely to rise. Thousands more have been severely injured and those who have survived have seen their lives ripped apart. As well as this, many buildings have been destroyed and several large aftershocks have forced over 48,000 people to sleep outside, for fear of even more buildings collapsing.

Our staff are already on the ground, setting up an urgent response. As a priority, we're planning to distribute tents, tarpaulins and blankets to keep families who have lost their homes safe, as well as identifying and reuniting children who have been separated from their families in the chaos.

Children have been through an unimaginably distressing event, with many separated from their families and exposed to things no child should ever see - their homes, their communities and even their loved ones, washed away. It is vital that they receive urgent psychosocial support to overcome this experience.

Your support for the Indonesia Tsunami Appeal will mean that together we can help children rebuild their lives, while protecting their rights and futures.

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