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Action Change
Protecting White Rhinos in South Africa

Protecting White Rhinos in South Africa

Why we need your help

Protect White Rhinos from poachers in South Afirca.

Project Summary

The White Rhinos have been on the brink of extinction for a while now due to illegal poaching. Although we have seen amazing conservation efforts to bring them back, they still remain endangered. 1,028 rhinos were killed in South Africa alone during 2017 which works out to nearly three rhinos being killed every single day. This project allows funding to fight against poaching and protect our Rhinos in South Africa.

The Challenge

Rhino poaching is a huge problem, even in large conservation reserves. The financial incentive to rhino poachers combined with very high unemployment figures in rural communities, mean that poachers will force entry into these reserves to get a shot at a rhino, often at high risk to themselves. Many reserves are also partly funded by eco-tourism, so viewing these animals is critical to the success of these lodges who employ local staff, targeting unemployment figures and preventing poaching.

The Solution

Creating awareness and protection for these endangered animals is critical to their survival. This project aims to allow local partners and reserves to access critical funding to develop a strategy against anti-poaching, as well as raise awareness of the impact that poaching has on the community.

Long term Impact

The success of this project will significantly improve the security of the wildlife protected by this game reserve, deter illegal rhino poachers and enable a fast and effective reaction when any illegal activity on the reserve is reported. Protection of the rhino and other wildlife will ensure the sustainability of eco-tourism ventures on the reserve and thus survival of the game reserve as an entity for generations to come and secure an income for at least 220 local households.

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