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BlueAssist UK Ltd
BlueAssist UK Ltd
Virtual coffee morning

Virtual coffee morning

Why we need your help

Isn't it the perfect time to meet up with your friends for a cup of coffee. To reflect on the past year and before the rush of seasonal shopping begins.

It can be an opportunity to thank those who have helped you , or been with you over the past 12 months. Those who have made time for you when you have needed it most. 

Communication is such an important thing. We at BlueAssist work hard all year round to provide our system free to those who find communication difficult. Whether they have lost speech through physical disabilities or struggle to communicate because of hidden disabilities such as mental health problems. For them buying a cup of coffee can be a challenge.

We are saying thank you to all those who have helped the charity to continue through the year and give these people a voice. 

Put aside the time for your coffee (or something stronger) and express your feelings. To make it even more valuable donate the price of a coffee to those who need the support . Struggle to meet because of distance or time ? Then do it virtually , with a phone call, Skype or whatever system suits you. 

Once you have 'met' ask your friend to do them same. Communicating is good, saying thank you is special. Helping those who find it hard is fantastic. Everyone wins.

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 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.

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