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Our latest appeal is to place some of our cats into loving foreverhomes, which they need and deserve, some of them have had a pretty rough and sad start in their short lives so far and we want to ensure they get the chance to have the happy life they deserve. All our financial resources are spent on cats we have rescued, neutered and on our cat cafe feeding points, where the homeless cats can find fresh dry food and water. Twinkle cannot afford to cover the flight costs to send these cats to the UK, and thats where you can help. Some of these cats have already been offered forever homes, where they will have the opportunity to live with a loving family, giving and receiving cuddles, and to finally feel, and to be safe. Some cats are still waiting for someone genuine and kind to open their home and heart to them, so if you could offer a loving forever home please contact us.

Several of our special cats are in temporary foster care, which is great as we get the chance to see how the cats are in a normal home environment, plus it's so much nicer for them than spending months in a foster cage. our foster homes are not long term, and some are coming to an end very soon, so the need to home some of these adorable cats to the Uk is even more urgent.

We have set a target cost that should cover the flight expences for 5 cats to travel on one shipment, which is our best and cheapest option rather than flying out 1 or 2 at a time. This is where we need your support, by donating whatever amount you can afford, you could help change the lives of these adorable cats's forever.



 Izzy - Lived in the garden of a holiday villa and had befriended some holiday makers. When they contacted us to ask for help, they were concerned in case the next guests at the villa weren't "cat friendly" and all Izzy wanted was food and cuddles. Plus, they thought she may be pregnant, but in fact she had never been wormed and just needed treatment for parasites. So, we did that as well as sterilise Izzy. sadly, she was not wanted back at the villa where she had lived, so we had no option but to keep her and try and find her a good home, she purrs all the time and even though she lived outside, Izzy is happy to stay inside if an indoor home is offered. Izzy is one of the most adorable cats we have met and she loves giving and receiving affection. She can be bossy with other cats if they are timid, so would prefer either a home as the only cat or a home with another cat that doesn't lack confidence.




Diana - was caught by Catherine during a neuter campaign, after we had been asked to help a large colony of cats living rough and feeding out of the rubbish bins in a small fishing village. 
Diana is very sweet and great with other cats. we noticed that her breathing was rapid and further tests and x-rays showed she has an issue with her lungs as they have a mysterious cloudy image. Thankfully all her normal tests are negative. 
Diana first spent a week in Bichos veterinary practice on medication and nebuliser treatment several times a day, but her symtoms have stayed the same, recently she had a bronchial/tracheal wash under anaeshetic and samples taken for culture testing to see if we can find out what the cause of her rapid breathing is.
Diana is a very cute little girl, that loves eating (a lot if we'd let her), playing and cuddles, her rapid breathing doesn't hold her back at all.
We'd really like to show Diana that life and humans can be kind, and future vet treatment needed relating to her current medical needs would be covered by Twinkle.




Oliva - Lived in another holiday villa garden, we were contacted by some caring guests because she always had her head tilted to one side, and we didn't know if she had been in an accident. Thankfully all tests for viruses were negative with no inner ear problems or brain damage. We can't fix her head tilt, we think she has been like it all her life and she has learned to live with her condition. She is a shy little girl until she gets to know you, then she shows how brave and adorable she can be and she's very playful and enjoys playing with a ping pong ball and her foster cat family.



Miella - after another plea for us to help some desperate cats Miella was one of many cats we caught and had to remove during a neuter campaign. She was living in the derelict ruins of a house that incredibly was still someone's home. When we found the broken down house, and once we had managed to get inside, we found lots of dead cats and starving cats and kittens, then we heard the cry of 2 newborn kittens and found Miella, terrified and huddled up with her new babies in a dark corner behind some bricks on the floor in a nest of bird feathers, she had given birth just an hour or so before we arrived and was desperately trying to look after her new babies and keep them safe from other animals that were in the ruin, everything was running about in there from rats to large birds swooping in.
Unfortunately, one of her kittens had a severe mouth defect which prevented it from being able to suckle or be fed, sadly this one didn't make it, but Miella's other little kitten was determined to survive, despite being premature and very underweight.
Then suddenly when Miella's milk dried up (probably due to the lack of food and water where she had been living) we though we might lose her second baby, but he took to being bottle fed with gusto and despite Miella being a new and inexperienced young mum and never being in close contact with people she did a great job looking after her only baby and adored cuddles and feeding time as much as her baby.
She's very sweet, loves cuddles, likes to follow us about everywhere we go and is still not much more than a baby herself.


These are just 4 of the cats we would like to bring to the UK to start a new safe and happy life with loving guardians, we have lots of other cats, all that have had a hard start in life. If you could consider giving a forever home to any of our cats please contact us.

We thank you for reading this far, if you are able to adopt, or donate whatever you can, then with your help we can make a new life for these and other cats a reality.

Thank you.

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