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Welcome to The Forest the Size of Anywhere

Whether you are an individual, a school, a street or a business, you can plant the size of you! The size of your office or street or school, to absorb your CO2 or just for the sheer love of trees.

Why? Lots of good reasons… it’s a gift to yourself, to the people living with the forest and for future generations.

What is the size of you?

Not sure how much to donate?

Forest Cover Your Area

Allow 1 tree for every 10 square meters. 1 tree will cost £3.27

Tree Peeps

Gift a tree this Christmas. 1 tree for 1 person will cost £3.27

Absorb My CO2

The average carbon footprint of an individual in the UK is 7.5 tonnes of CO2. To remove this much CO2 would require 7 trees to be planted in the tropics. This will cost £22.06, less than the cost of a coffee a month.

Are you a community, business or organisation?

Why not set up your own fundraising page that is personalised to you!

We average the cost across all our partners’ projects to ensure that they all receive funding for the great work that they are doing. Click here to look at our partner projects.

More questions? Check out our FAQ’s.

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The Forest the Size of Bristol

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Wanted to offset a recent flight and wanted it to go to tropical rainforest reforestation with you!




On behalf of Tim Malnick as a Christmas present to him.





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