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The Forest the Size of Anywhere

The Forest the Size of Anywhere

Why we need your help

The Forest the Size of Anywhere

Forest The Size Of Anywhere encourages people, communities and organisations to donate to The Converging World's charity reforestation initiative. At a time when we need numerous changes to live on a sustainable and healthy planet, initiatives like this not only restore vulnerable ecosystems and remove carbon from the atmospheres, they also provide sustainable livelihoods for local people living in those areas. What's more, planting tropical trees is still one of the most cost-effective ways to do this - more than rooftop solar or the latest green tech (though we love these solutions too!)

Individuals can help by donating for themselves or a loved one in various quantities - for example absorbing a year's worth of your carbon footprint (£22) or removing carbon from a short haul flight (£11). This is a quick an effective way to maximise your positive impact on top of what you're already doing (for example, not taking that flight in the first place or washing your clothes at 20 degrees instead of 60)

Alternatively, individuals or groups can raise funds as part of a larger initiative with their community or workplace, creating a ''Forest The Size Of [Your Area / Organisation Here] by setting up their own fundraising page.

Not sure how much to donate?

Forest Cover Your Area

Allow 1 tree for every 10 square meters. 1 tree will cost £3.27

Tree Peeps

Gift a tree this Christmas. 1 tree for 1 person will cost £3.27

Absorb My CO2

The average carbon footprint of an individual in the UK is 7.5 tonnes of CO2. To remove this much CO2 would require 7 trees to be planted in the tropics. This will cost £22.06, less than the cost of a coffee a month.

We average the cost across all our partners’ projects to ensure that they all receive funding for the great work that they are doing. Click here to look at our partner projects.

More questions? Check out our FAQ's.

If the amount you want to donate is not visible in the boxes below, don’t worry you can specify your donation amount by clicking on the 'Give Now' button at the top of the page.


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Create a fundraising page in support of The Forest the Size of Anywhere and make a real impact


The Forest the Size of Bristol

The Forest the Size of Bristol

Forest the Size of UWE

The Forest the Size of UWE

Offsetting Isla

Offsetting Isla


Dec 12, 2019


(plus 8.18 giftaid)

Dec 05, 2019

Alannah McGinley

Instead of Christmas Cards this year, we have donated to A Forest the Size of Anywhere and the donation goes towards planting trees...we donated enough to plant a tree for each child in Topaz 3, Gordonbrock School. Happy Christmas.xxxxx

(plus 25.00 giftaid)

Dec 04, 2019

Ian Roderick

Lots of love from Ian


Sep 28, 2019



Sep 17, 2019



Sep 04, 2019

Katie Freestone

Jul 25, 2019


Good luck with all your endeavours on behalf of this amazing planet.

(plus 8.18 giftaid)

Jun 01, 2019


I'm flying to Spain from Bristol and although I average just 1 holiday abroad a year, I wanted to offset my flights footprint.

(plus 0.82 giftaid)

May 16, 2019


Happy birthday dad!


May 02, 2019


(plus 8.18 giftaid)

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