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Global Hope Network International, UK
Global Hope Network International, UK
Guidiguis Village

Guidiguis Village

Why we need your help

Located in West Africa, Cameroon is home to the village of Guidiguis. This village, once self-sustainable will serve as a model village and training centre to villages in the surrounding areas. Populated by the hard working Tupuri tribe, predominantly subsistent farmers, they are sandwiched amidst many tribes.  Yet, they are willing to encounter transformation.  It is strategic in bringing transformation to other tribes within the surrounding region, with the hope to one day eradicate cyclical poverty in Cameroon. 

The village is located near a river that borders between Cameroon and Chad. While there is a clean water source, the villagers must travel to access the water. The people are predominantly subsistent farmers - meaning, they consume most of the crops they produce, leaving them to live in poverty. This farming technique also serves as their only income source. Villagers must travel to pursue any education and are living in unhygienic conditions due to their waste disposal system.

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