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Global Hope Network International, UK
Global Hope Network International, UK
Orphanage at Gem Village

Orphanage at Gem Village

Why we need your help

Formerly known as Bulesa Dima Orphanage, these children have experienced generations of extreme poverty. HIV and AIDS have ravaged the village, which has been engaged in Transformational Community Development (TCD) since 2011. The school there teaches 250 children – most of whom are orphans – ages 3 through 10 years. Most of their parents died of AIDS.

Two women with Hope in their hearts began caring for 70 of the children, 30 of whom are HIV+. One woman constructed a makeshift orphanage on her land: Two rooms, each 10 ft x 10 ft – one sleeping 35 boys, the other 35 girls. The building is made of sticks and mud. It used to have a roof made of tarp and old flour sacks, but this has blown off. More orphans live with distant relatives in the village.

The 30 children with HIV get their medicine for free but it must be taken with food, a scarce commodity. Sometimes they take their medicine to school, hoping they will get a meal there.

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