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Global Hope Network International, UK
Global Hope Network International, UK
Rohit Besra

Rohit Besra

Why we need your help

Rohit Kumar Besra was born into a lower-middle-class Santal farm family in the rural village of Madhwa, located in the district of Jamtara in the state of Jharkhand, India, where he graduated from 12th grade through government schooling.

In 2006 he relocated to Jamshedpur, to start a new career in boxing. But after becoming friends with some students preparing for the engineering entrance exam, he changed his mind and instead decided to further his studies as well. He returned to Dumka and soon graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

After starting work in a friend’s software company, Rohit still felt an emptiness inside. Drawn to do something for his people, he thought of becoming rich and helping those in need.

One day he met Sushil Marandi, and they had a long discussion about the condition of the Santal community. As they shared their vision for it, Rohit realized that Sushil’s dream was similar to his own. Then Sushil introduced Rohit to GHNI and the transformational work already underway in different areas. Sushil extended an offer for Rohit to join the organization, and Rohit gladly accepted.

Rohit writes, “Thank you, GHNI, for giving me this opportunity. It was a dream of mine and now it is coming true. I look forward to helping the people not only from my village, but also other villages throughout the country and beyond—whoever is in need. It is my burden for poor people. I look forward to helping them start development. Thank you.”


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