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Global Hope Network International, UK
Global Hope Network International, UK
Celeste & Jay Pietersz

Celeste & Jay Pietersz

Why we need your help

Celeste and his wife Jayarani (Jay) carry out GHNI’s work in Sri Lanka. They joined GHNI after the 2004 tsunami, organizing medical clinics, building homes and distributing clothing and dry rations in the south of Sri Lanka. Celeste was formerly a hotel engineer and engineering consultant, while Jay is a qualified beautician. Their desire is to help the poor and the hurting in remote villages where others do not visit.

Celeste and Jay are currently helping villagers who live over 200 kilometers from the capital, Colombo. They teach chicken and egg layer agriculture techniques, hygiene programs to eradicate common illnesses, cottage industries such as making foods, flowers, dress making, handy craft and beauty culture. They also lead house-building and repair efforts to provide shelters for those who live a hand-to-mouth existence.

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