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Awareness of Healthy Living in Cambodia

Awareness of Healthy Living in Cambodia

Why we need your help


In Kampong Cham are students have limited access to resources that keep basic hygeiene. Teethbrushing and handwashing are particualr problems for our students. We aim to provide our students with basic kits with these resouces inside and lead regular workshops to teach the improtance of teethbrushing and handwashing, and how to do this.


Dental and medical care is typically reserved for the middle class, due to the expense involved. Our students have therefore typically never been to a dentist or doctor's before and undertand little of the risks in not brushing your teeth or washing your hands.


We want to provide hygeiene kits to all of our students and teach them how to use this and why it is important. Moreover, we want to extend our reach to children of the community who are not our students. All communtiy members lack the awareness, knowledge and resources involved in basic hygeiene so we would like to extend this initiative as much as possible into the community.

Long-Term Impact

Long term this reduces our students risk in dental and mecical issues and raises their awareness in healthcare issues.


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