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Sam at 15 is now a young man and is totally reliant on assistance for all aspects of daily life, and uses both a power chair and a manual wheelchair in order to explore the world around him.

Unfortunately the ageing process is not being kind to Sam’s body and despite daily physio, Occupational Therapy and more, his joints are becoming stiffer, arthritic, inflamed and muscles are tightening. Meaning that chronic pain is something that must be carefully managed for Sam on a daily basis.

However if you were to meet Sam you would never know that this is the case. His joy and positivity is infectious, his laughter addictive, and his desire to achieve is awe inspiring. His mum is determined to look for specialist equipment and opportunities that will enable him to continue to love life and all it has to offer.

As Sam continues to grow and thrive, finding and purchasing all the equipment he needs is ongoing.

We have just started fundraising for what will be his future power chair and current costs range from £12,000 to £20,000, so we hope to slowly edge towards our end target.

 We also need specialist orthotic splints to help slow down the progression of joint deformities, especially in Sam’s wrists and feet. We also hope to provide Sam with some, much longed for, independence around the home. Using smart technology linked to Sam’s iPad (recently purchased for him by DCF). His iPad is the one thing that, at present, Sam can operate entirely independently and with the incredible advances in technology we hope to purchase certain items for his new bedroom, when building work is completed. These would enable Sam to perform simple tasks......such as turning his lights on and off, opening his blinds, playing music, and Sam’s favourite........turning on his TV!

 Our target is based on us ideally purchasing for Sam:

Electric chair £15,000

Splints  £5000

House Technology £5000

Please donate what you can to help support Sam's independence. Thank you.

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