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Action Change
Uplifting Lives & Communities in Limpopo

Uplifting Lives & Communities in Limpopo

Why we need your help


Limpopo has the highest level of poverty in South Africa, with 78.9% of the population living below the national poverty line. This province attracts many tourists for its beautiful natural spaces but local investment for services and education is limited. As a result environmental education is a foreign concept to most children here. We run a wildlife conservation research hub & are partnered with a local primary school & several high schools to create environmental awareness.


Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting wild plant & animal species & their habitat. The goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure that nature will survive the many generations to come so that they may enjoy & also to recognize the importance of wildlife for humans & other species alike. Conservation is a collaborative effort between communities, landowners, policy makers, educators, scientists & so on. It requires long-term investment and multi-party engagement.


Partnered with local schools, we will work with them to make improvements on the availabilty of resources for quality environmental education. This involves classroom learning combined with practical education in the environmen itself. Our engagement with these young, developing minds on topics such as ecology, pollution & poaching will help to cement the importance of preservation of their natural world.

Long-Term Impact

The positive impact can be seen in our classes through the change of attitudes towards the environment these children live in. We hope to engage & excite as many students and teachers as possible to preserve their natural resources, ensuring survival for many generations to come. This project will empower the students & staff of these educational institutes with the resources, knowledge & language skills they need to protect and preserve our natural world & to achieve further education.


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