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Safe Environment for Children in Mexico

Safe Environment for Children in Mexico

Why we need your help


Around 72% of locals thought to be living below the national poverty line in Mexico means that resources are limited in many communities. Working with two childcare centers and other local partners we provide support, training and critical funding to allow the community to build the infrastructure to enhance education and learning to young children. We also work with a local partner that is setup by parents of children with disabilities, working with them to provide support and education.


Many children in Quintana Roo suffer from some form of abandonment or exploitation with little to no access to education. In Playa del Carmen, many adults work long, grueling hours in the tourist industry. Children left unattended are exposed to different threats such as gang recruitment. In Mexico, 5.1% of the population suffer some type of disability and are often discriminated against. Therapy can be expensive and government authorities lack resources to provide adequate treatment.


By empowering children, teaching them about their rights through our programs. This project is lead by Save the Children in a space called "Toy Libraries" which are recreational and education spaces where children can come to learn through games, talks and workshops. Secondly, we aim to provide adequate attention and therapies to improve the quality of life for children with special needs by supporting our partners at the Integral Care Center.

Long-Term Impact

We aim to empower children to create responsible adults that will have a better impact in the community. Children will learn to identify threats and stay away from them, which will positively impact society. Through our work, the centres can expand and offer their services to more children. This will diminish the number of children left unattended and without therapies. In particular, the work with children with special needs will help them to become productive citizens.


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