As a Tiger in the Jungle 2019

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Aman Tamang and Renu Ghalan in performanceChoraChori in Nepal supports contemporary circus performers Aman Tamang and Renu Ghalan during their training in Kathmandu. Both are former child circus performers - slaves - inside Indian circuses who were rescued by ChoraChori co-Founder Philip Holmes back in 2004/2006. Now, through Ali Williams Productions and Cirkus Xanti, they share their personal experience of being trafficked in "As a Tiger in the Jungle". It's an amazing blend of circus theatre that has been staged in Sweden, Norway and in the UK. 

In April 2019 they will begin a three month tour of the UK, rounding off at the Glastonbury Festival in June. Through the tour - and a special charity performance on the 17th May in London - they will be raising funds towards ChoraChori's child rescue and childcare work in Nepal. This includes the operation of our Children's Refuge and Rehabilitation Centre in Kathmandu, where we currently look after 45 children, who are mainly girls. They include child rape survivors. We provide all the counselling and residential/educational/recreational support that they require; this is especially important for those children who have been rejected by their families who do not wish to be associated with the stigma of rape. We can give such children a real future, just like we have done for Aman and Renu before them.

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Well done Aman, Renu and team! Good luck for a fabulous tour.