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The Royal Papworth Hospital is moving to a new location and the Cystic Fibrosis ward has 24 rooms dedicated to patients suffering with Cystic Fibrosis. Patients are often hospitalised for a number of weeks or longer, stuck in their room 24 hours a day due to risks of cross infection between patients. 

Exercise is so important for patients with Cystic Fibrosis because it can help clear mucus from the lungs as well as improve physical strength and overall health. 

During a hospital stay, exercise can further improve the results of treatment by providing another way of clearing mucus from the lungs and help to manage the mental health of patients who may have been stuck in bed for days on end.

The Royal Papworth Hospital needs 24 bikes in order to allow each of the patients who stay on the ward to have a bike in their room, providing patients the ability to exercise as often as they are able to. At the moment, patients are only able to do this if there happens to be one available to move into the room. 

There is not the money available via the NHS to fund these bikes; we believe ALL patients on the ward should be able to keep moving, keep fit and keep well. We want to provide ALL 24 bikes to the ward but this comes at a large cost. 

We, the Simon Cooper Foundation, are pledging to match funding we are able to generate pound for pound BUT we need £10,200 to fund all 24 bikes. 

Please help us raise £5,100 and we promise to match it

Please help.

Life is for living

The Simon Cooper Foundation is a registered charity. No: 1174106

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Sending love and support to Simon’s family for all the wonderful work they do.



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