Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre

The National Breeding Centre (NBC) is responsible for breeding guide dogs of the future that will change the lives of thousands of blind and partially sighted people across the UK. Approximately 500 volunteers and 50 members of staff were responsible for over 1400 puppies last year. Two out of every three puppies go on to be a guide dog or return to be a part of the breeding programme.


At the NBC there are state of the art veterinary facilities and research facilities, providing the best welfare standards for our breeding stock and puppies both on site and in our volunteer 'Breed Stock Holders' homes.


The NBC receives no government funding and is therefore totally dependent on public donations.  If you would like to support the work of the NBC, please add your donation here.


There are many ways you can raise funds for us; from a dress down day at work, to holding a coffee morning or a bake sale.  If you require some more ideas, please visit, or email our friendly team at

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£10.50  Could buy a grooming kit – brush,comb & zoom groom

£15.00  Could buy a snuggle mat for a newborn pup

£25.00  Could buy a heat lamp to keep newborn puppies warm

£55.00  Could pay for special bedding to keep pups warm

£115.00  Could cover cost of a litter in a volunteers home

£300.00  Could buy a whelping kit for a new guide dog Mum

Charlotte Bull

Total raised:
£0.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Philip Cookes

Total raised:
£15.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Philip Cookes

Total raised:
£345.30 (excl Gift Aid)

Philip Cookes

Total raised:
£455.50 (excl Gift Aid)

Philip Cookes

Total raised:
£676.36 (excl Gift Aid)

Stephen Dawson

Total raised:
£2247.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Guy Fraser

Total raised:
£1590.81 (excl Gift Aid)

Jonathan Harris

Total raised:
£2536.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Paul Hutchinson

Total raised:
£455.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Prakash Jayabalan

Total raised:
£2420.00 (excl Gift Aid)


Total donations:

Jo Hilditch


£55.00 (+ £13.75 giftaid)

Thanks for hosting the vistage day. Amazing work!

Team Kinetic Communications


£30.00 (+ £7.50 giftaid)

So happy to be part of your Vistage day tomorrow.

Stephen lines



Stacy Wynne


£5.40 (+ £1.35 giftaid)




Jo Jones for puppy tails

Trish Williams



Donation for the Puppy Tails magazine from Trish Williams

Chris Croucher



Sarah Lowther



This is my payment for puppy tails. From Sarah Lowther X

Linda Whitehead


£3.00 (+ £0.75 giftaid)

Puppy tails magazine


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