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Join us for the Fierce Calm 108 on 23 June 2019 and support Ourmala.

The world needs some love right now, so let's unite! What better way to do it than by celebrating international day of yoga together by practising together: Whoever, however, wherever we are.

The Fierce Calm community will come together across the world to unite in performing 108 sun salutations, led by Danni PomplumEmily Brett,  Zephyr WildmanHannah Barrett (yoga_girl_london)Mariel Witmond-BatemanSomewhat RadKim HartwellEsther Da CostaKristi Mae RodelliAimee Garcia-Marshall and Pip Johnson. Join us in person at the GRATITUDE FESTIVAL here in the UK or online via social media,  Wherever you are in the world at 16:00 UK time on the 23rd of June. It's an opportunity for us to connect through the platforms and practice that brought us together in the first place!


The event will be broadcast live via social media (facebook live and IG live) under the #fiercecalm108 hashtag and you can take part in any number of ways:

- Roll out your mat at home and follow along with us online

- Invite some friends around to your place and make it a party!

- Meet up with friends at a park or a community space

- Host a #fiercecalm108 event at your local studio

You are part of this Fierce Calm community and it will be incredible to come together to practice what we love, for one moment in time, wherever we are. 

- Everyone taking part at home can pledge to donate a minimum amount (perhaps the equivalent of £$€10.80 in your currency) 

- if you are hosting a larger event, make it donation based, or set fundraising goals for your participants

- Buy a Fierce Calm 108 t-shirt and proudly wear it on the day. For each t-shirt sold at least £10.80 will be donated to Ourmala.

The important thing is that everyone can participate, regardless of circumstance.

Select the amount you wish to give

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Total donations: £1,402.00

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Well Done for your amazing work!

Elle Procter


£75.00 (+ £18.75 giftaid)

Money Raised from Fierce Calm 108 @ MoreYoga Greewich Creekside - with much love!




With love! Thank you for the incredible work you all do at Fierce Calm 108! Xxx

Julie K





£10.80 (+ £2.70 giftaid)

Moreyoga FP




Moreyoga Soho



Moreyoga Soho




with love from move studio london's Fierce Calm 108 event. thank you for the incredible work you do!




Lots of love from More Yoga Surrey Quays 108 crew

Charlie Granger


£40.00 (+ £10.00 giftaid)

From MoreYoga Tower Bridge Class, plus another lady donated herself. Charlie x