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Surrey Hills Trust Fund

Surrey Hills Trust Fund

Why we need your help

The Surrey Hills Trust Fund is a long-term fund, established in partnership with the Surrey Hills AONB to support a wide range of local projects from landscape conservation to community schemes. With your help, we can create a lasting legacy for the Surrey Hills ensuring it is enjoyed by generations to come. 
The Surrey Hills Trust Fund is established within the Community Foundation for Surrey - an independent charitable trust established to inspire local giving for local needs. 

Our current fundraising campaign - Into the Wild

Supporting young people and their mental health through Ecotherapy

The facts

Recent NHS statistics show that mental health problems are on the increase in young people.

- 1 in 9 children aged 5-15 have a mental health disorder
- Emotional disorders including anxiety and depression are on the increase amongst young people.
- 75% of young people who are experiencing mental health problems aren’t receiving treatment.

How can we help?

With the right support at the right time mental health problems amongst young people can be managed and prevented. Ecotherapy (therapeutic treatment involving outdoor activities in nature), does just that.

It’s proven….. Surrey Hills trip

- Spending time in green space or bringing nature into your everyday life benefits both your mental and physical wellbeing.
- Participation in physical activity lowers anxiety
- Time spent outdoors is thought to helps relieve stress by reducing levels of the hormone cortisol in the brain.

Where your money goes

We use your money to get young people with mental health issues into the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) through Ecotherapy programmes.

How we do it

It’s simple. We work with professionals (Leatherhead Youth Project, Surrey Young Carers, Matrix) to deliver therapeutic ecotherapy programmes. Our programmes involve taking young people on outdoor expeditions ‘into the wild’ areas of the Surrey Hills with dedicated counsellors.

Our programmes work

We bring together young people, charities and outdoor organisations to deliver our Ecotherapy programmes and they really work to;

- Build confidence and self-esteem
- Learning new skills (foraging/building shelters/survival skills etc.)
- Team building
- Offer challenges in safe settings
- Exploring and appreciating the natural world
- Provide new experiences

Becky is 16 years old and went on an Ecotherapy programme with the Leatherhead Youth Project, she comments; “I went on a trip with the Leatherhead Youth Project who took a group of us out into the Surrey Hills. I liked being outdoors, the freedom to get away from society and to spend more time in nature. I think nature makes you a better person. I got to learn so many new skills. I loved it so much that I started my own YouTube channel ‘Girl Outdoors’ to show others what I learn’t. Being outdoors boosts your confidence, I’d recommend it to everyone”.

The ‘Into the Wild’ campaign is funded through the Surrey Hills Trust Fund which is administered by the Community Foundation for Surrey.

How you can support us

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