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Community Foundation For Surrey
Community Foundation For Surrey
Horsleys Community Fund

Horsleys Community Fund

Why we need your help

The Horsleys Community Fund is a Community Foundation for Surrey Fund established specifically for the benefit of the Horsleys and its residents. By working together we are able to offer a fund that enables and encourages local giving to develop a greater capacity to respond to local issues in East and West Horsley. 

Grants are awarded by a panel of local people to support vulnerable local residents, improve local facilities, increase access to clubs activities and sports and preserve and enhance the villages’ heritage, culture and environment. We work with local residents who want to give back and existing village groups to support and encourage their work.

If you are considering fundraising for the Horsleys Community Fund, please do contact the Community Foundation for Surrey on 01483 478092. We are very grateful for your support and would like to speak with you about your plans. 

 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.

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