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Animals Asia is the leading charity working to end the bear bile trade, which sees around 11,000 bears suffering on bile farms in China, and Vietnam. This barbaric practice sees bears living in cages they can’t even turn around in, while their bile is painfully extracted daily under no anaesthesia for up to 30 years.

Our other two campaigns work to end the brutal dog and cat meat trade, as well as ending abusive animal practices in zoos and safari parks across Asia.

In 2017, we signed a monumental document with the Vietnamese government that agrees to help us end bear bile farming entirely in Vietnam by 2022 - which means finding homes for the roughly 600 bears still incarcerated in farms there.

We won't give up hope for these bears and will do everything we can to get every last bear out, and home to sanctuary and a family who loves them. 

Because of this, we're running the Brighton Marathon in 2020 to raise money to help facilitate Animals Asia's vital life-saving work, ending the suffering for thousands of animals across Asia.

Join our team of Marathon Moon Bear Heroes today and help us raise £30,000 - until the cruelty ends. 

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£3.00  covers a days food bill for one bear!

£10.00  could vaccinate a street dog against rabies

£15.00  could buy a mound of medicinal marshmallows

£23.00  covers the daily cost to care for one bear

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