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Fighting child rape in Nepal

Why we need your help

ChoraChori is at the forefront of the fight against child rape in Nepal. This is a problem that has escalated four-fold in the last ten years. See this well-researched report from the Nepali Times. Already we are making a difference as we support victims and their families within the community. We provide residential counselling services at our Children's Refuge and Rehabilitation Centre (CRRC) in Kathmandu where we protect victims while our legal team prosecutes rapists. But we need your help.

Here's why:

Our small charity is doing the best that it can in a very large country. At this stage, we are based in Kathmandu which means that we have to attend incidents and court hearings that are 10-12 hours drive away. That problem is compounded by our not having a dedicated vehicle so that vital time is lost in trying to hire a vehicle or even in using slow public transport. This means that we are unable to ensure that the police investigate and respond appropriately in the immediate aftermath of a rape. By the time our team arrives on the scene, a cover-up may be well underway and there is no evidence to be had. Further down the line, our lawyers may drive all that way to be informed that a court case has been postponed. They have to return to Kathmandu and go back at a later date. If we do have to bring victims to Kathmandu for their own safety this also can involve using public transport which is a dreadful option for an acutely traumatised little girl.

Here's what we need:

Through this appeal, we are raising funds to allow us to purchase a dedicated robust vehicle (estimated cost £15,000) for Kathmandu and to set up regional centres in Jhapa District in the southeast and Dang District in the southwest. As you can see from the Nepali Times article, these are the regional hotspots for child rape and sexual assault. Each regional centre would have its own legal team and field staff and offer a temporary safe house for girls. Each regional centre would cost £60,000 per annum to operate. We estimate that this translates into £50 per month, per girl.


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Paul and Elizabeth B

Jan 30, 2020


Thank you so much for the book Philip, truly inspiring. I feel privileged to know you and to have met Esther. Yours is a life well lived.

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Jan 29, 2020


I read about chorachori in the Sunday Times. Good luck with your important work.

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