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Giant Tortoise Research in Seychelles

Giant Tortoise Research in Seychelles

Why we need your help


Curieuse Island hosts one of the largest populations of Aldabra giant tortoise outside of Aldabra Atoll. With identification and tracking of each individual over time and provides a significant deterrent to poaching. Any new hatchlings found in the field are relocated to a nursery at the Ranger Station where they are also electronically tagged, and cared for until they are large enough to survive in the wild, free of the risk of predation.


Continued monitoring and tagging of free ranging and hatchling tortoises is essential to the survival and growth of the population on Curieuse. Without regular supplies of electronic tags and tag scanners the project would not be able to continue.


Purchase of further electronic tags and tag scanners will allow the continuation of the project.

Long-Term Impact

Increase of the Aldabra giant tortoise population on Curieuse Island back to historically natural levels. The tortoises are a major attraction for visitors to the island, all of whom pay a landing fee. This fee significantly contributes to the economy of the Seychelles and partly funds the Seychelles National Parks Authority in their efforts to sustainably manage the island.


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