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Action Change

Scholarships for Indigenous Youths

Why we need your help


There is a number of projects trying to tackle the social gap between Indigenous people in Australia. This project is focused on young people with a preference of young females looking to access a training program, educational event or access the education system with a mission to enhance their skills to become an ambassador for change within Australia.


Even with Government initiatives such as Closing the Gap, there's a big gap between indigenous Australians to the rest of the population. An Indigenous person life expectancy is 71.4 years whereas others in Australia in 81.4 years. This project is to provide aspiring young indigenous youths to access funding to break tradition and join a skills training program or educational program that will provide them better access to employment and empowering them to be an ambassador for change.


Funding is the biggest driver for this project but it is important to be used in a sustainable way. Providing scholarships for people to learn new skills and education that they in return can transfer to others from their communities. It is essential for this project to identify key motivated ambassadors and empower them to learn and return to teach others. In turn this will up-skill the whole community

Long-Term Impact

This project will introduce new skills, training and knowledge into the communities that will allow and empower locals to change their way of living and tackle the global issues together as a community.


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