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We are supporting the Lister Macmillan Cancer Support Centre at Lister Hospital in Stevenage, Hertfordshire who need 16 cold caps for the treatment of Cancer patients. 


Going through cancer is hard enough and treatment is often gruelling. When so much is out of the control of patients, if anything can be done to help manage side effects, particularly hair loss, it’s surely worth a try. 


Most of us feel like our hair is a huge part of who we are. In fact, Simon was known for his long hair which he sadly lost during chemotherapy - he did not use scalp cooling. 


Having the opportunity to use scalp cooling not only gives patients some control over part of the

chemotherapy process but it can also give patients a feeling of hope and confidence during their cancer treatment. 


Scalp cooling can help to prevent the hair loss caused by chemotherapy by reducing the blood flow to the scalp, which stops the chemotherapy drug from affecting the hair. Using the cold caps restricts the amount of blood reaching the hair follicles. This protects the hair follicles from the effects of the chemotherapy drugs carried in the blood stream and increases the chance of retaining the hair.


The Lister Macmillan Cancer Centre at Lister Hospital treats patients from East and North Hertfordshire and South Bedfordshire, with approximately 7,000 patients treated each year. They need 16 cold caps in all different sizes so that all patients who choose to use the scalp cooling system can. Each cold cap costs £400. 


We can’t stop cancer and we can’t stop pain but together, we can reduce the likelihood of hair loss and allow patients some control. Please donate whatever you can for the Simon Cooper Foundation Cold Caps Campaign; to make your donation even better, every pound raised will be matched by the East and North Hertfordshire Hospital's Charity meaning your donation is worth double!





*Disclaimer* Every penny raised above the amount needed will be used to support the care of Cancer patients in the UK. 

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Keep up the great work. XXX



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A worthy cause in memory of a wonderful man x

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Wonderful cause 🙏🏻🙏🏻



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Such an important cause. Wishing you best of luck and sending lots of love from Shira and Jonny

Mark and Sharon Kaye.


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Keep up the good work!!

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