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Bluebell Railway Trust
Bluebell Railway Trust
Project 27

Project 27

Why we need your help

The Little Loco Group

The Bluebell Railway's Little Loco Group was formally formed in 2017 mainly from the Villas gang with new Loco Department volunteers. They are supported by the Fenchurch Fund (a sub committee of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society). This has enabled the groups to work together to be able to fund and undertake the overhaul & restoration of the Bluebell’s smaller engines.  The first aim is to see the return of the Bluebell’s "forgotten" P No.27 'Primrose' to a serviceable & operational condition.

A27 Drawing

A volunteer-led engineering project

No.27 was in a very bad way having last been used in 1974.  Progress with the restoration so far has seen the frames dismantled, new cylinders designed in CAD, cast and machined, and new main frames cut, machined, drilled, and with the remaining good sections of the frame stretchers, riveted together.  Much other work has also been done, and regular updates are avilable on the Project 27 Blogspot and Facebook Page.

Could you help?

Rivet Club

Could you help to see No 27 Primrose run again?  So far through the generous hours and efforts of the members of the Fenchurch Fund and all of those who have donated and supported so far we have raised in excess of over £30,000 towards the restoration of 27. But to see 27 run once again we expect that we need to raise in the region of £125,000 to return her to active service! So if you feel that you’d like to help us achieve our aims then please follow our donate links below or subscribe to our Rivet Club and help us to return the forgotten P Primrose back into steam!

Bluebell Railway Trust 

How you can support us

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Oct 19, 2021

Geoffrey Wells

Visited The Bluebell Railway to see Clan Line and soon realised that it was the tank engines like Bluebell and No.263 that were better suited to this superb railway. We visited the Project 27 stand and want to help rebuild P class No. 27.

(plus 12.50 giftaid)

Oct 01, 2021


For Project 27

(plus 250.00 giftaid)

Aug 12, 2021


(plus 6.75 giftaid)

Jun 17, 2021

David Thorogood

(plus 15.00 giftaid)

Mar 31, 2021

David Mills

(plus 6.75 giftaid)

Feb 20, 2021



Dec 11, 2020


(plus 6.75 giftaid)

Dec 10, 2020


(plus 6.25 giftaid)

Oct 16, 2020

Richard Ayling

(plus 2.50 giftaid)

Oct 05, 2020


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