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Books, Building and Bread

In Ghana children end up on the streets for a mixture of reasons, though poverty is usually at the heart of the problem. Life on the streets is a dangerous, harsh existence. The challenge for street children in Accra is often not the day spent on the street, but surviving the night - when children can fall victims to violence, sexual abuse or human trafficking, and commercial sex of children.

Although life on the streets is tough, there are only two realistic solutions: keep them safe whilst they're there and giving them or their families the skills to earn a decent income or ensure that they have access to primary schooling thus reducing their likelihood of moving to the streets.

Last year Zone Out Partnership (ZOP) & B. YouthAid Foundation (BYF) created a partnership to develop a pilot social enterprise that will allow women within the Jasikan region of Ghana to participate in a project for making bags and clothes which can then be sold commercially. The money generated can then be used to buy books and clothes to send their children to school.

We have identified 100 children between 8-15 years who our partner in Ghana considers are vulnerable to becoming street children, leaving school and becoming sexually exploited. We want to be able to support them and their families for them to remain at school.

However, the children live long distance away and are from very poor families who cannot afford the costs associated with going to state run schools. To combat this our partner has established an area where they gather 100 children to give them formal education. The school has no name, with no name the school has no identity, with no identity the school is not officially recognised by the Ghanaian education department although the department does pay for the Principle and three teachers.

As the school has no buildings for eating cooking, sleeping or washing all these activities happen outside. To give the children some protection against the sun and the rain the Principle has moved out of his hut to allow the children to move in and he has taken up residence in a small storage hut which is used for protecting the books and paper from the rain.

The site also has no access to water and the Principle has to use his own money to buy water daily from the local town as the elders there refuse to allow him to use the town well as they do not accept that orphaned children, particularly girls should be educated.

The classes are delivered from two basic wooden open "marquee" like structures which do not have walls but have a roof made from palm leaves which is supported by some basic timber. Classes are held under the savannah tree with the children sitting on the ground and the teacher using the trunk of the tree to hold the blackboard. Whilst this is a very basic school the Principle has secured the land and has registered the school with the relevant state authorities. This allows the government to provide the money for staff but does not allow for any other support towards books, buildings or bread.

Because of the lack of walls the children's lessons are disrupted due to the traffic passing on the road ahead. Equally the children are easily distracted by the events in the other classes and struggle in their concentration.

We now want now to build a basic structure to provide two self enclosed school rooms with windows, a room and a door as well as provide the desks and chairs for the school and the books for the children. Our second phase of work is then to build a basic house structure for the children to sleep in which would have a room, four static walls, a door and windows and two separate building as a basic toilet - constructing a borehole and a storage tank for the water. Once this is established we can begin a hand washing campaign with the children to raise awareness of hand washing with soap as a key approach to disease prevention.

STAND International in cooperation with Zone Out Partnership (ZOP) and Bediako Youth Foundation (BYF). BYF work within Eastern Ghana and Western Togo to tackle child labour and exploitation and provide an education to those children excluded from school because of their abject poverty.

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