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‘I am the 3 in 4’

In the last 12 months, Plymouth and District Mind had over 120 telephone calls and emails for people who knew a family member, friend or colleague that was struggling with their mental health. These people don’t want training, or counselling, or access to our Recovery College. They just wanted some advice and support to help them help others.

‘I am the 3 in 4’ is a phrase that was used by a gentlemen to describe his experience of supporting his daughter with depression and anxiety. If his daughter was the 1 in 4, then he suggested that he was the other 3 in 4.(You can read the full story here)

Everyone knows someone who is struggling with their mental health. Everyone worries that they are ‘doing the right thing’ or ‘saying the right thing’. We have ambitious plans for our ‘3 in 4’ campaign.

We want to raise £1500 to fund a support worker for 6 months who will focus on working with families and friends. This will enable us to put a peer support network in place and train some ‘champions’ who can volunteer their time down the line to support this service.

We know the power of peer support in particular, and we know that sharing experiences, knowledge, and empathy is very powerful.

"The more people we can empower with the tools to support others, the more people we can support with mental ill health to get their lives back on track."

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