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BR Standard class 4 no. 75079 has not run since being withdrawn by BR in 1966.

The engine was rescued from Barry scrap yard, but many engines had their tenders sold to British Steel for conversion to ingot carriers. Whilst the BR1B tender from 75079 survived, it was sold along with another engine no.73129 to the Midland Railway. This means that we need to build a new tender for our no.75079.

Many parts for the new tender are already well progressed.  The frames, cross-members, wheel sets, axle-boxes, and the many castings for the horns, springs, and braking system are well under way.  But one very large element that is missing is the tender tank.  The BR1B tender tank holds 4725 gallons of water and 7 tons of coal - it is a substantial fabrication.  
We would like to arrange for the fabrication of the tender tank by an outside contractor in the near future, and your donations would be very much appreciated.

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