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The Big Match 2018!

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Ambassadors Football serves churches in helping them achieve their goals and impact their communities. One area we see our impact is in the lives of men and boys across the world.

This Christmas we have a special campaign to boost the impact we have through churches to men around the country.

We have a pledged matching fund, so if you give before December 7th, your money will be doubled.

Click here for more information on all our community football programmes

Our focus this year is on men and boys.

Why men?

Every minute a man commits suicide somewhere in the world.

Depression is rife amongst men over the age of 40 in the UK.

More crimes are committed by men, most abuse is carried out by men, and men - for better or worse - have a massive impact on families and society as a whole in 2018.

Through our football programmes we help bring change:

Fathers Football helps dads connect with others from a variety of backgrounds.

Walking Football helps older men feel part of communities again.

We have also seen over 800 men come through our homeless programme in 8 years.

In recent years one of our homeless players moved away as he had got a job in Birmingham.

Another went off to University.

Why boys?

Knife crime is rife in London. Kids needs father figures in their lives. Our Holiday Clubs provide role models for kids and the chance for churches to teach and serve families around the country.

Three boys from a youth project in Hackney have become the first generation in their families to go to University because they kept attending school through the encouragement of our football programme.

Click here for more information on all our community football programmes

We can help boys see value in biblical principles of respect of others and themselves.

Children at our holiday clubs get a chance to be grounded in biblical values and understand how to respect property, others and themselves.

We long to see communities changed and lives transformed through the work we do.

Between now and December 7th - the date of our Christmas cup for homeless men in East London - every pound given will be matched to double the impact of our work in communities around Britain.

Thank you for being ready to make a difference through Ambassaors Football.


Ambassadors Football National Director

Select the amount you wish to give

£10.00  Covers 4 weekly sessions at church asylum project

£30.00  Could provide football boots for Genesis project

£40.00  Could hire a facility for a week

£50.00  Could provide a place at a church Holiday Club

£100.00  Could run church walking football for 1 month

£1500.00  Could help set up & support a new church project

Total donations: £3,130.00



Donation to Dan Owen from his brother Hudson Owen. Keep up the great work.



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Keep up the great work :)



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