A Film this Christmas 2017


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‘I’m so happy this service exists. For long term patients like King, MediCinema is like a window to a new world.'

Irene, King’s mum.


Less than two years ago, Irene’s son, King, was a healthy 18-year-old who loved school and playing football. Then, completely out of the blue, he was diagnosed with a brain lymphoma, a rare cancer of the lymphatic system.

‘It just happened and it turned our life upside down. Emotionally it’s been really hard. For our whole family, but especially for King.

‘He went through a really hard time initially. He suffered from depression and felt life wasn’t worth living anymore. It’s not been easy.’

King stayed in hospital for eighteen months after his diagnosis, first at Guy’s Hospital and later at St Thomas’. Ten months ago he had to be fitted with a tracheostomy. He has been unable to speak since then and now communicates with gestures and nods.

‘Everything is so regulated when you’re in the hospital. He, and all of us, missed normal time, alone time, time with friends, school and work.’  

While King was in the Critical Care Unit in Guy’s Hospital, his nurses approached us and asked if we could find a way to invite King along to a screening. They knew how difficult King was finding things and, having seen the real difference MediCinema had made to other patients, knew it could be just what he needed.

And it was!

When the lights went down and the opening titles began, King relaxed. For the first time since his shocking diagnosis, he could forget his illness and all the worries that went with it. In his own words, which he communicated to his mum, going to MediCinema was one of the times during his long hospital stay that he ‘felt normal’.

‘I was so happy when King agreed to go to the cinema the first time. I watched him relax and smile. He loved it and has since been many times, with me and his sisters and on his own. He really looks forward to it now – he’ll even watch a sci-fi film even though it’s not his type!

‘I would probably not go out with the girls under these circumstances, but MediCinema gives us a regular chance to do something together. And it gives us all something to talk about afterwards. 

‘MediCinema has been therapeutic for King, but also for the whole family. For me, to have all my children in the same room watching a real movie in a real cinema has been precious.Please support their Christmas Appeal and help MediCinema continue to give patients like King the chance to feel normal.’

donate £11 – the cost to bring the magic of film to one patient, £44 –
the cost to send a patient and their family to the movies, or £72 - the cost of a nurse
at a MediCinema screening

It costs £11 to give one patient like King a film this Christmas. Please donate £11, or whatever you can afford, and if we raise £1,000, 6 of our partners, including the following, will match it.

Together, we can give a film this Christmas to over 600 patients like King.

Thank you.


Select the amount you wish to give

£11.00  Brings the magic of cinema to one patient

£44.00  Sends a patient and their family to see a movie

£72.00  Funds one nurse at a MediCinema screening

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I used medicinema as an outpatient of St Thomas's hospital, and it was incredible to be in a room full of people who silently understood you weren't okay, and yet were normal. I remember walking out of Logan crying of happiness at how grateful I was




Nigel Wolland


£11.00 (+ £2.75 giftaid)



£11.00 (+ £2.75 giftaid)



£11.00 (+ £2.75 giftaid)

What a great idea. Keep up the good work

Natalie Faccenda


£11.00 (+ £2.75 giftaid)

Merry Christmas to everyone at Medicinema!

Steven Briginshaw





£500.00 (+ £125.00 giftaid)

Terrific cause close to my heart - please keep up the great work for everyone.



£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)