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The Animal Health Trust is a leading veterinary charity whose aim is to fight disease and injury in animals through its clinics, research and education. Everything the AHT does has the health and welfare of animals at its heart. This is why we need your support to help us raise vital funds to improve the lives of countless more animals.

75th Anniversary and our MRI Appeal

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If you haven’t already heard, in 2017 the Animal Health Trust celebrates 75 years of caring for the health and welfare of dogs, cats and horses. As part of our anniversary celebrations we are entering a bigger Ride London team than ever, made up of nearly 20 AHT staff, trustees and committed supporters.

In this 75th year we are launching one of our biggest ever appeals in order to buy a new MRI scanner, and we have set ourselves an ambitious goal to raise £75,000 through our challenge events, which includes our fantastic Ride London team.

Why do we need a new MRI?

The AHT first opened its MRI scanner unit in the 1990’s and has since not only pioneered its use in veterinary medicine but also proved the key benefits it can provide in the world of diagnostics and treatment. However, after 17 years and almost 19,000 scans, our current machine needs upgrading. The new MRI scanner we are hoping to buy will be able to take it’s images faster, meaning patients spend less time under anaesthesia therefore reducing potential complications and recovery periods. A new machine would allow to us to continue delivering world-class veterinary treatment to every animal in need coming through our doors like Millie below, and to continue our ground-breaking research.



Millie is a four - year old English Cocker Spaniel. One day her owners, Phil and Annette, noticed that Millie had difficulty in jumping up and walking. As her condition worsened she became immobile and was clearly in severe pain. They contacted their local vet immediately who referred them to the AHT. Our AHT neurologist Fabio examined Millie, and after an MRI scan, she was diagnosed with a slipped disc. The results from the MRI showed that her spinal cord was severely compressed and spinal surgery to decompress the cord was the only way forward. Three weeks later, after strict crate rest, she was pain free and back to her normal exuberant self! Phil said “the difference in such a short amount of time since her operation is amazing and we cannot thank Fabio and the Neurology Team at the AHT enough for the fantastic care that Millie received up to, and after, her surgery.”


To hear more patient stories, check out our telling tails here: www.aht.org.uk/cms-display/cms-display/telling_tails.html 




 Our MRI is especially important in the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions, such as brain tumours and epilepsy. Our Neurology Team carry out research on a range of topics, such as epilepsy and its diagnosis, treatment and management, sharing their knowledge and expertise with vets all over the world. Further information about the Animal Health Trust, and the research we do, can be found here at our website: http://www.aht.org.uk/


Our team will be training and fundraising tirelessly for this event, so please dig deep and support them!



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Susan Leeson


£25.00 (+ £6.25 giftaid)

Well done!

Kevin Morley



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Brilliant achievement by the team. Well done to everyone






£25.00 (+ £6.25 giftaid)

Anne and Matt


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Well done Mark and all the team. Fantastic effort!

Kathryne Wrigley


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Goodluck riders! Hope you have got well padded saddles!



Christine Swettenham



Thank you for all the wonderful work you do...



£10.00 (+ £2.50 giftaid)

You helped our dog that had an eye problem. Also offered to help a hedgehog also with eye problem - I rescue hedgehogs just incase you are wondering about that. AHT need all the equipment to help our pets. Keep up the good work.


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