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Amaha We Uganda (uk)
Amaha We Uganda (uk)
Amaha We Uganda general funds

Amaha We Uganda general funds

Why we need your help

Amaha We Uganda UK supports the work of local Ugandans near and around Kasese to improve the standard of living of people living in those communities. Kasese is in The South Rwenzori Diocese.

Led by faith, together we enable our brothers and sisters in Christ to sow seeds of hope among communities in Uganda –developing leaders of integrity and empowering groups to overcome poverty and injustice through fellowship, training, projects and microfinance,

The charity has been formed to continue the work of an umbrella group – called Hope for Uganda- which brought together 3 UK based church groups including the Parish of Wisley with Pyrford, Ash Vale and the Forest of Dean.

A Grace Ministry for A Moses Like Generation is funded separately by Ian Smale and assisted by donations from the Patrow Family of churches, of which he is a member, but comes under the umbrella of Amaha We Uganda.

Our work focuses on Women’s Group microfinance and training, as this does most to improve quality of life for families and their children. Covid-19 and lockdown has badly affected the women’s ability to work and feed their families.

We also work with street children and our team in Uganda have been in fellowship with a new generation of street boys for the last two years. (Our older generation have graduated and many of them have their own families). AWU provides food and soap each month for between 25 and 40 boys.

We support vulnerable young people through training opportunities in hairdressing and tailoring at the Good Samaritan Skills Centre.

Trees have become an important new initiative. Due to climate change and deforestation large swathes of mountainside have been washed away in mudslides, resulting in loss of life, homes and crops. We have planted three tree nurseries which will help to reforest denuded area sand at the same time help towards reducing carbon.

Covid-19 has challenged our ability to fundraise as before and we are seeing a shortfall in our funds. The need remains the same. Therefore, all donations will automatically go into General Funds to be spent as appropriate and to support our Ugandan team ensuring the continued success of our projects.

However, if you want your donation to be restricted for a particular purpose then please write in the donation message box TREES, STREET BOYS or WOMEN.

For a tree certificate please email with your email address and donation reference number. 

Please donate to support our cause. To find out more about the current situation please visit



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Jun 15, 2021

Alex Neil and Lucy

Donating trees to celebrate Shawfield Primary school because all their classes are named after trees!


Jun 10, 2021

Alex Neil and Lucy

Congratulating Neil and Helen on 30 amazing years working with our wonderful brothers and sisters in Uganda, inspiring us and encouraging everyone.

(plus 75.00 giftaid)

Mar 06, 2021

Esther van Raamsdonk and Michael Rose

On behalf Peter Scott (St.Mary's, Ash Vale) for winning the quiz.

(plus 2.50 giftaid)

Feb 07, 2021

Conor and Lindy Boden

We are delighted to support this splendid charity. Keep up the great work!

(plus 5.00 giftaid)

Feb 06, 2021


Belated 5 for Edi?s gig!

Feb 06, 2021

Sue and John Axtell

(plus 2.50 giftaid)

Feb 05, 2021



Jan 10, 2021


Dec 22, 2020

Faires family.

For trees to help offset some of our Christmas carbon.

(plus 7.50 giftaid)

Dec 16, 2020


Trees : Christmas gifts for Friends & Family some in bubbles some far away may be both: Meryl, Caroline, Andy, Liz, Andrew, Layla, Owen, Wyatt, Ed & Terri, Jim. Not forgetting those at Amaha We Uganda doing their best for environmental restoration too.

(plus 15.00 giftaid)

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