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The AdviceUK Foundation Fund

Our vision is to create a society wherein every individual, regardless of means, is able to access the advice they need in order to exercise their rights and deal with any legal and social welfare problems they may face.

…Through the Foundation Fund we facilitate AdviceUK members to do this

What is the AdviceUK Foundation Fund?

Each year our members help over 2million people find the right advice for, amongst other things, money and debt, employment, social welfare, health and immigration. This advice can be life changing – and in many cases life-saving

The Foundation Fund is AdviceUK’s vehicle for raising funds centrally that will go to support members. Conceived in 2016, the Fund received its first donation in August 2017 and we are building on this to create a solid foundation to provide grants to members to build/ improve their infra-structure / sustainability programme so that they can help their clients more effectively and for longer.

How does it work?

Only AdviceUK members will be able to access the funds that the foundation will hold.

This will be done through a formal application explaining:

  • What the fund is needed for?
  • Who will benefit?
  • How this grant will contribute to the infra-structure/ sustainability of the organisation to allow it to help more people
  • It is intended that grants will be offered by the foundation on an annual basis as part of an annual round of funding

The Fund will be overseen by a ‘Grants Panel’ led by an independent chair. The intention is to raise funds for both member-support programmes and a general small grants fund to which members will be able to apply.

Some of the ways we will be helping members is to:

  • Move you from paper to an online case management system
  • Find a system to make your signposting more effective
  • Develop your website/ more effective communications tools


Over the course of the 40th Anniversary year, AdviceUK will be holding a number of fundraising events for the foundation fund.

We are happy to accept any donations via this website – these go directly into the fund.

If you or your colleagues would like to raise money for us via some kind of sponsored activity, please let us know!

Corporate Donors/ Supporters

The causes our members fight for are numerous. The people they support are in their millions but could also be someone close to you - your customer, friend, relative, co-worker.

We would like to invite corporate donors across all sectors to consider adding The AdviceUK Foundation Fund to your list of approved CSR causes.

Whether you are a B2C organisation whose customers can fall behind with their payments, a financial institution, utility company, ethical organisation or a legal firm – you will come into contact with people who need advice, but often cannot find it or even worse, cannot afford it.

Our members run free advice services to help anyone in this situation and the money from this fund will go towards them helping to run their organisations and provide these services.

Here are some examples of how your money can help:

£40 will cover all of the costs of a typical free advice session for clients, pay for ½ days training for an adviser, pay for a whole months insurance costs for a small advice centre or cover a whole months I.T. costs for 1 adviser

However we would be happy with any contribution whether, 40p, £4, £40, £400, or £4,000!

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£30.00 (+ £7.50 giftaid)

Well done everyone. A very worthwhile cause.


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