Bump Buddies Film Launch


Bump Buddies brings Hackney women together to support one another through times of change. We harness the compassion, strength and energy of individuals to ensure that we are all able to reach our full potential.

Bump Buddies services connect diverse groups of women in Hackney so they are able to share their skills, knowledge and experiences, and learn from one another.

There are a number of areas of the programme, allowing us to achieve our goal of providing support to women who need it:

Bump Buddies mentoring – We facilitate a 1:1 peer mentoring scheme for women who require additional support during pregnancy and early parenthood

Bump Buddies information – We have access to a wide range of specialist information, and can point you in the right direction if you are seeking more knowledge about local and national services available

Bump Buddies influence – We enable women to use their lived experience to influence policy and commissioning, through steering groups, focus groups, and presence on boards and committees

Join Our Bump Buddies Community – We have many opportunities for those looking to get involved with, or support the programme!

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