Cape Wrath Community Land Purchase

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Durness Development Group Ltd, the community charity for Durness, are trying to purchase the 45 hectares of land surrounding the lighthouse at Cape Wrath. 

Tourism to this remote corner is extremely valuable to the community and by purchasing this land, the community will be able to:

  • Ensure continued public access this is a public space. It is the end of the Cape Wrath Trail, The Scottish National Trail and part of the International Appalachian[b] Trail. Community ownership will enshrine the right of public access.[/b]
  • Improve the visitor experience through sympathetic development of the facilities, Cape Wrath attracts thousands of visitors a year from all over the world and by all means of access, some come by minibus, some cycle and increasingly more walk in. However, there are very little facilities to cope with the numbers of visitors and one of the first things that the community would like to undertake is the installation of some public toilets.
  • Undertake essential repairs and maintenance of this historic site from the dry stone dykes to the Lloyds buildings to the old stables, the site at Cape Wrath is in a worryingly poor state of repair. The community intends to raise the monies to maintain and restore these historic buildings and landscape features.

Cape Wrath is a wonderful destination, it is remote and wild and a place that truly captures the imagination of the more intrepid individual, the community wishes to ensure that visitors can enjoy this wild and rugged landscape for many years to come. On behalf of the communities of Durness and Kinlochbervie we would like to thank you for supporting this extremely worthwhile cause.

Cape Wrath is the most north westerly point of the Scottish mainland. A remote and isolated head land that forms the top left hand corner of Great Britain. The name conjures images of foreboding stormy seas smashing helpless ships and boats against the rocky cliffs. Despite the wild Atlantic weather the place name is actually derived from the Norse word for ‘turning point’ the Vikings world turn their ships and make sail for home. Cape Wrath covers 277 square kilometres of moorland wilderness know as the Parph. While much of the Cape is owned by the MoD, the Northern Lighthouse Board own Cape Wrath Lighthouse, built by Robert Stevenson in 1828 along with some 45 hectares of land and assorted outbuildings.   

The local community of Durness wish to buy the land through the community charitable trust, Durness Development Group Limited (DDG). In August 2013 DDG announced that the Scottish Government had approved it's application under Section 37(17) of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 in relation to land and buildings at Cape Wrath. Commenting the then First Minister, Alex Salmond said: “The approval of the Durness Development Group application is a very welcome next step towards Scotland’s ambitious new target of a million acres in community control by 2020. If the community is able to go ahead and successfully purchase the land, it will secure a stronger local economy for the people of Durness and preserve one of Scotland’s iconic landscapes for generations to come. It will allow the local community to improve facilities for visitors; to bring significant buildings back into use; and to manage the land sustainably. Put bluntly, we would see more benefits for the local area rather than more land for bombing – the principal use the rest of the Cape is put to by the MoD."

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Thanks for caring about this wild corner of Scotland

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